Testimonials - Private Audition Coaching and Master Classes

Dennis Courtney directing.jpg

”I loved working with Dennis Courtney!!! Such an inspiration!!!"
 -Stefanie Kluba

"LOVED working with Dennis Courtney on our Senior Showcase material this weekend! We're so blessed to have such beautiful talent, guidance, and encouragement visit us at
TheatreDance Southeast. Thanks Dennis!"
 -Hannah Moore

"I absolutely LOVE working with Dennis Courtney!!"
 -Keith Johnson

"Had an awesome session with Dennis Courtney working on a self-tape. He was terrific to work with, as always."
 -Ryan Francis

"Hey Dennis,
The callback today went wonderfully! They were very happy with the accent - one of them thanked me for all the work I put into it- so again thank you so much. I am confident as long as I fit with the others they cast they will offer it to me.
 Thanks again!"

"I want you to know how much just 2 classes with Dennis has turned things around. It has made a HUGE difference in my confidence and presentation already (a BIG plus heading into a monster like 39 Steps!). I knew I only wanted to study with someone that I respected and trusted (and also had a great time with!) - I'm so glad to be able to work with Dennis. Can't wait for more and to see all of the great things we can shake up!"
 -Bridget Beirne

" I worked with Dennis via Skype while preparing for a lead audition. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease we were able to work by video.  I expected this format to be distracting and it was not; he might as well have been in the room with me. Dennis is straightforward (which I hold in high regard), not egotistical, and precise in his feedback.  He is extremely kind in his approach but never fails to make a powerful point. Dennis took my audition songs to a new level. He had me connecting to the text in a whole new way. By the time I went into the audition I was confident in my skills, laser focused, and in it for me. With Dennis’s help, I found my authentic-self in my audition and was able to enjoy the experience without a focus on the outcome; I was truly able to remain present. If you want that extra edge in your audition, I highly and happily recommend Dennis!"
 -Kelli Workman

"I will steer anyone your way without hesitation and with much praise for your insight and talents. One of my finest, most professional and positive, organized, time efficient, insightful, encouraging yet, honest and direct - directors." - Lauren Hathaway

"Having worked with Dennis on a show before, I knew he was amazingly talented. Yet even I couldn't imagine how terrific it was working with him on a one-on-one coaching session. I can't think of another time where I feel I have grown more as an actor or singer in such a short span. Five stars. I'd recommend working with Dennis to anyone."- Ryan Williams